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BS-C 101 Star


With Ultra scan decoding technology that can decode a majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 Data Bar, TVS BS-C 101 Star has a plug and play design that is durable and can withstand drop from 5 feet.


  • Enabled with Ultra Scan – Decoding Technology
  • Express Speed – With 330 scans per second, ensures quicker checkouts, serves more customers
  • Aim & Shoot Trigger – Gives operational comfort and reduces fatigue especially in peak hours
  • Durable and Strong Design – Designed to with stand multiple drops from a height of 5 feet
  • Plug & Play

The BS-C101 Star Advantage

TVS Electronics BSC-101 Star is a high speed CCD scanner. It has a scan rate of 330 scans per second, which is the highest among its competitors. Empowered with Ultra scan decoding technology it can decode a majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 Data Bar.

It supports auto scan mode and with an optional stand can work as a hands free scanner. It has a 32 bit microprocessor, which guarantees an unbeatable scan rate and decoding accuracy. The BS-C101 Star is suitable for a wide range of applications, from retail checkout and inventory management, to invoicing in offices and shipping receiving control in factories.

Number of Pixels - It has 2500 pixels which increases the resolution of the scanner and helps in better decoding of Barcodes.

High Scan Rate - The scan speed of 330 scans per second is highest in this category of scanners making it the fastest in its class

High Depth of Field - Depth of field of up to 300 mm enables decoding from larger distances.

Lower PCS (Print Contrast- Signal) - Lower PCS pixels decodes faded barcodes.

Auto Sense / Hands Free - It is enabled with auto sense technology making it convenient to use in Hands free mode.

Rugged Body - Able to withstand drops of up to 1.5 m.

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