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BS-L 301 Platina


New BS-L301 Patina, an Omni directional scanner representing high durability and faster customer checkouts, has an unbeatable first read scan success rate and adds lot of aesthetics to your store.


  • Powerful Scanning Performance – 20 line omni-directional scan pattern, unbeatable first read success rate
  • Express Speed – With 1200 scans per second – ensures quicker checkouts, serves more customers
  • Extremely Versatile – Flexibility to tilt 300 – Adjustable scan head, reduces user fatigue
  • Single Line Scanning – Ideal for scanning barcode menus, improves throughput at checkouts
  • Vacuum Pad Operation – Suction cap fixes the scanner, scans numerous items comfortably
  • Rugged yet elegant – Can withstand 3 feet drops, durable construction for everyday use

The BS-L301 Platina Advantage

TVS Electronics presents the new BS-L301 Platina – an omni directional scanner representing high durability and superior Ergonomics, yet an affordable solution for every Indian Retailer.

This easy-to-use scanner allows faster checkouts and gives your employees more time to assist customers – enhancing customer satisfaction. It has the capability to track and trace your sales and inventory, thereby eliminating errors and lowering costs.

BS-L301 Platina is designed to withstand tough Indian POS environments where wide varying voltage and dusty conditions are a common feature – protecting the life of your investment.

All this comes from a brand that has been an epitome of trust – TVS Electronics, a company that has understood the Indian retailer better than no other.

Powerful Scanning Performance - With a 20 scan line omnidirectional scan pattern, it has unbeatable first read success rate.

Express Speed - With a speed of 1,200 scans per second, BS-L301 Platina improves throughput at checkout, increasing counter productivity translating to higher customer service.

Extremely Versatile - Adjust the angle of the scanner to target the barcodes or objects. Has the ability to tilt 300 – Highly flexible.

Single line scan option - With a single push button, the scanner allows the user to scan hard-to-read or multiple barcodes on any object. Ideal for menu scanning.

Vacuum pad for convenient operation - The suction cap ensures the scanner is fixed to the surface while you scan numerous items comfortably.

Durable, rugged yet elegant - TVS-Es BS-L301 Platina has built in stock absorption feature that makes it highly durable while its elegant and stylish design enhances the aesthetics of your store.

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