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TVS BS L 104 Patina is a very High Speed scanner supporting 1 D bar code, GS1 Data bar and PDF417. Its unique Z-SCAN+ technology guarantees real time scanning and accuracy with unbeatable first read success rate.


  • Express Speed – With 500 Scans Per Second – Ensure quicker checkouts, serves more customers
  • PDF 417 – Decoding capability
  • Hands Free Mode
  •  Durable and Strong Design – Designed to with stand multiple drops from a height of 3.3 feet
  •  Plug & Play

The BS-L104 Platina Advantage

TVS Electronics BS-L104 Platina is a very high speed 1D scanner. It has a scan rate of 500 scans per second which is almost five times its nearest competitor. It is enabled with a unique Z-SCAN+ technology which guarantees real time scanning and accuracy, ensuring an unbeatable first read success rate. The 32 – bit microprocessor allows it to read most 1D barcode types, GS1 Data bar and PDF417.

The scanner comes with a standard stand with small footprint to save counter space. Its LED and beeper indicate scanning status and are programmable to cater to the users own preference, its replaceable communication cable further increases its convenience and flexibility in use. Streamlined and light-weighed, BS-L104 Platina is a handy business tool to enhance work efficiency at a competitive cost – the best solution for retail, office or warehouse environments.

Scan Rate - The scan speed of 500 scans per second (which is about five times the scan rate of Its nearest competitor) makes it the fastest in its category.

Interfaces - USB-Standard;RS-232C and Wand (Optional)

PDF417 Decoding Capability - It has the ability to Decode PDF 417.

Auto Sense/Hands Free - It is enabled with auto sense technology making it convenient to use in Hands free mode

Adjustable Stand - Can be used for different sizes of goods.

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